Warehouse/Factory heating

DAC Services are commercial heating engineers and have over 25 years of experience in the industry.   Over the years we have provided a range of heating facilities for warehouses/factory’s either specific areas with radiant style heaters or large areas with warm air heaters.  One of the problems with heating large spaces is heat rising and sitting in the roof space area, to combat this, we offer a range of destratification fans which utilise the wasted heat and pushes it back down towards floor level, this being efficient and more economical.

DAC Services specialise in the following for warehouse/factory heating:-

Servicing/repair of boilers

Servicing/repair of cabinet warm air heaters

Servicing/repair of black tube radiant heaters

Servicing/repair of plaque radiant heaters

Servicing/repair of top hat heaters

Installation of boilers

Installation of cabinet warm air heaters

Installation of black tube radiant heaters

Installation of plaque radiant heaters

Installation of replacement pumps

Installation of radiators

Installation of thermostatic radiator valves

Installation of time controllers

Installation of new pipe work